Aug 272014

Children Karate Classes in Toronto Registration for 2014-2015 school year is opened on first-come-first-served basis.

Welcome House congratulates you with the beginning of the new studying year 2014-2015. We hope you, your family and your kids had a great summer and now you are eager to resume all year around activities with new energy and patience.  It is our pleasure to announce our plans for the new academic 2014-2015 year. Our Children Karate classes in Toronto will start at Tuesday September 9th, 2014 6:00 pm at the same location as before – Northview Heights SS, Gym # 3 (550 Finch Ave West, Toronto, On, M2R 1N6). Kids Karate training sessions will take place as usual twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays.


From our past experience and last year feedback and proposals from different sources, Welcome House Board of Directors decided to divide kids’ Karate group in 2 streams:

  1. Recreational Karate Stream
  2. High Performance Karate Stream (in collaboration with Toronto Suiken Bugeikai).

The main reason of this decision is the idea that different kids have different ambitious, interests and needs. The kids and families have different goals and objectives regarding the Karate and sometimes some of them do not obtain exactly what they needed and obstructed at some point each other progress.

Recreational Kids Karate Stream is intended for kids who wants to have just fun, socialize with each other while doing some Karate based fitness. All of that is within the safe and non-competitive environment and for the reasonable amount of time.

High Performance Children Karate Stream is intended for kids who want to practice real and sport Karate, to build their confidence and discipline. It’ll help them to achieve different goals like: new grades, medals at the competitions, anti-bullying self defense skills and overall in future become a better person, all of that is within safe and professional environment. During the high performance training kids also will have fun and will be able to socialize with each other.




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